Top 3 tricks for crushing your enemies in Clash of Clans! ☆

First, Clash of Clans is a game that you can play on your desktop or laptop computer, either on Android or iOS device. If you have any of these gadgets and some free time that you like to spend on things that will keep your brain at least a little active you should definitively download free app that will allow you to play this game.

Play Clash of Clans on variety of devices!

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is a strategic game for only one player, or for more players at the same time. It depends if you are interested in being solo player or, maybe, member of clan. Things that are important, and that you need for success in this game are mines, gems, gold, elixirs and dark elixirs – they are used for building and generally normal functioning in this game. You have to form defense army before you start playing for serious. All other participants in this game are your subjects that should serve you at any moment you require.

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There is a territory predicted just for you. That is a place where you build your village, keep your army safe, and dig mines, build houses and other kinds of buildings where your citizens (who are actually your workers and soldiers) are going to live. From there you are going to launch an attack, take a blow and recover from it.

Crushing your enemies in Clash of Clans with this neat trick!

For real success lots of gems are required, but there is not much of them to get in game. Luckily, there is option to but some more gems with real money over the internet. You can use them to get some more gold, elixirs and almost anything you need at certain moment.

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Provide yourself progress by attacking other players and destroying their property, accompanied by spoil take away. Also, one of few ways that will provide you success in this game is to join a clan – made of few people connected over the internet who are fighting against other clans. Members of one clan are able to help each other by trading soldiers.
Players are able to form chat where they can share strategies, form clan and together consider new way for progress.

Tutorial: How To Use Facebook On Devices ☆

Do you enjoy using Facebook and wish to use it on your phone all the time? Of course you do and there are various ways to do this. As you certainly already know, you can access this social network through a regular mobile browser or you can download the app. And now there is another way to do it. Now you can download the Facebook Lite app through which you can also access this wonderful social network. So what are the differences between a regular app and Lite app, and why should you try using Lite app?

Lite Version for your Mobile

Lite is a version of Facebook which is very efficient with data and works in practically all network conditions, find it here: comment pirater un compte facebook. It is installed quickly and take less than 1 MB of your cell phone external memory. It functions very efficiently on all smart phones and most importantly uses less data. One of it amazing features is that it is designed for 2G networks and areas with unstable or slow network connections. Unlike the full app in this one you can read and send private messages to your friends without installing another app, Facebook Messenger. Its user interface is slightly different but very much alike the full version one. Its icon is a white square with a blue ‘f’, so the opposite of the full version app.

facebook lite

Less Data, more Power

So why not try and use this app? I suppose you haven’t heard about it before now. Maybe you could give it a shot. It is true that its user interface is probably a bit less likable that the full version one but this might be the only drawback of this app I can find. You can download this app from your Google Play Stores and App Stores. This is app is even rated more by the users of Facebook, since its rating on Google Play Store is 4.3 even though it has been rated so far by only approximately 113 thousand users, whereas the full version app has a rating 4.0 by approximately 29.5 million users. However, it must be taken into account that this app is a fairly recent development and it hasn’t yet been explored by enough users.
To sum up, the best things about this app are that it loads more quickly, takes less of your cell phone memory, makes it possible for you to send and receive text messages from your friends without having to install another app which would burden your cell phone memory even more and works in basically all network conditions. If you feel temped, also feel free to try it.

Free COC Resources, Truth Or Not? ☆

Find out how to use new COC resource tool and generate crazy amounts of gems

I guess you have a Smartphone right? If I’m right than you are playing mobile games a lot. So you probably heard about one of the most played strategy games called Clash of Clans? Of course everybody heard about that epic game. Clash of Clans is a online strategy game made by company named SuperCell. It was released 2012 year for IOS mobile phones and at 2013 for android mobile phones. Game became epic everybody liked it and everybody could download Clash of Clans because this game was free to play. Now Clash of Clans has more than million registered players online. Not bad for a one mobile game right?

coc mobile game

This game is all about fun and epic battles. Point of this game is to develop one little village into a big massive strong village with a numberless army and win every clan war. For faster progress you need to do achievements and objectives to get a some amount of gems. Also you could get resources by telling your people to collect gold and elixirs. Those three resources could make your progress a lot faster. Because of that SuperCell introduced us with a possibility to buy additional gems , gold and elixirs with real money via App store for IOS devices or Google Play Store for android devices. That was smart move because this company started getting a big profit from rich people.

Generate all three resources today!

So if you wanted to progress faster you could just buy additional amount of resources that you needed to progress faster. That was also kind of unfair since not all people could buy resources for real money. This made Clash of Clans sort of pay to play game. But then on scene came Clash of Clans exploit tools and generators.

coc resource generator

Those little programs balanced this game because poor people could just download them for free and use them to get a certain amount of resources in just a few clicks. Only thing that you needed to do is to find adequate website and download your free version of exploit tools for Clash of Clans. After that you needed to enter your username and amount of free resources you wanted. And after few seconds your account was richer for a big amount of those three resources. So what are you waiting ? Go and generate free amounts of Gems and progress into big and scary village with an epic army behind you. Start now and win every clan war.

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