5 Highlights in the History of the NHL

5 Highlights in the History of the NHL

Since then, a lot of water has flowed – the political map of the world has changed many times, many generations have changed, but people’s interest in ice fun has not died down. NHL has matured and has become a giant world sports corporation, a contribution to the history of which has made and many Russian hockey players. (more…)

Johnny Bower Dead – We Will Remeber You

Hockey teams needed to have members who are truly committed to making the team a winner. Johnny Bower was one of these men who is always helping others and sharing their knowledge. Johnny Bower just passed away on Tuesday the 26th of December, yet his legacy is here to stay for a long time.maxresdefault

Recognized Face Johnny Bower was one of the most famous faces in the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs team. He was battling against pneumonia yet finally lost the war and passed away. Johnny Bower was one of the top Toronto Maple Leafs`s ambassadors and we will remember him for as long as we live.

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Johnny Bower, born in 1924, served his country in the WWII for 3 years. He also played junior hockey after returning from this war becoming a legend of the AHL over time. Calder Cups Johnny Bower won 3 Calder Cups in the 1950s, and this speaks for itself about this man`s achievements. He also played with the Toronto Maple Leafs for 11 years, and he was a superb player during those amazing years of his life.


Johnny Bower played an outstanding season in 1970 where he finished second in wins, third in a shutout, and second in minutes played. Johnny Bower was a loved ex-player of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the team also adored what Johnny Bower did for them. This was a marriage made in heaven, and Johnny Bower was truly happy this marriage too.

Mourning the Dead Johnny Bower is dead today and his beloved team is just mourning from the bottom of its heart. This is the reality of the team today yet the mourning comes from the deep love they felt for Johnny Bower at all times. Johnny Bower felt a pure joy for the game and enriched everyone around him in the team so that the team became a poke check powerhouse over time.

This is the kind of man that we need in the world of ice hockey because Johnny Bower loved the game so much that he truly enriched the lives of a lot of players right away. Johnny Bower passed away, yet he will live in the heart of many of his peers. His family is mourning his departure to the lap of God, yet they are truly sad about this. In any case, they should be happy over time with the amazing memories they have from Johnny Bower because this man truly loved people and the world of ice hockey.