5 Highlights in the History of the NHL

Since then, a lot of water has flowed – the political map of the world has changed many times, many generations have changed, but people’s interest in ice fun has not died down. NHL has matured and has become a giant world sports corporation, a contribution to the history of which has made and many Russian hockey players.

  1. Expansion in the season-1967/68

This season, the NHL first took on a large number of new teams, expanding from six clubs (“Big Six”) to 12. The league included “California Sils”, “Los Angeles Kings”, “Minnesota North Stars”, “Philadelphia Flyers “,” Pittsburgh Penguins “and” St. Louis Blues “.

  1. Joining with WHA

It was in the World Hockey Association that he debuted professionally at Wayne Gretzky before the merger took place in the 1979/80 season, or rather, the absorption of one league by another. “Winnipeg Jets”, “Hartford Whalers”, “Quebec Nordics” and “Edmonton Oilers” became part of the NHL.

  1. Exchange of Gretzky in “Los Angeles”


Exchange of Gretzky in Los Angeles

This trade, which occurred in 1988, is called the loudest exchange of the century – not by chance it is called The Trade. Two hours after Edmonton won the Stanley Cup, the best player in the history of the league learned that he was being prepared to be sent to another club.

  1. Lockout-1994/95

Lockout 1994-95

Formally, it was not the first shutout in the history of the league, but for the first time the season in the NHL turned out to be blurry and shortened. All Russian league stars took advantage of the fact that performances abroad were temporarily canceled and organized a tour of Russian cities, meeting with local clubs. For the first time since the end of the existence of the USSR, viewers had the opportunity to see the live Mogilny – Fedorov – Bure triple or the legendary link of Larionov. Soon in the “Detroit” appeared the famous Russian Five, which finally put an end to the isolationism of the NHL: all progressive American coaches adopted the European experience of a combination technical game.

  1. Salary ceiling

Season-2004/05, which was not played, made a colossal change to the hockey world. For the first time in hockey, a rigid salary ceiling was introduced, ensuring equal opportunities for all league teams and many other financial constraints, which provided an opportunity for further development and commercial growth. Tightening of the rules increased the entertainment and effectiveness, which immediately affected the attendance of stadiums and television ratings.

Unequal exchange On June 7, the Joint Disciplinary Chamber of the FHR and the KHL expectedly decided to deny the ex-players of Lada and Ugra Denis Zernov and Pavel Varfolomeyev in satisfying their statement. Recall that the hockey players filed a lawsuit to abolish the contracts of transfers concluded by their former clubs with Omsk “Vanguard”, and also asked to assign them the status of “Unlimited free agent.” Buy tickets for Edmonton Oiler’s games against the Maple Leafs and now both players officially belong to the team from Omsk. But Pavel Varfolomeyev in the next season as part of the “Vanguard” you will not see.

And the most legendary moment for the century-long history of the NHL was a match held on December 31, 1988. Then the great Mario Lemieux scored five goals in different ways: in equal compositions, in the majority, in the minority, with a bullet and into an empty net.

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